Travelodge Cancellation Policy

  • Yes, Travelodge offers a cancellation policy.
  • Travelodge also provides full refunds under specific criteria.
  • Free cancellation under certain conditions.

Do you need to cancel a Travelodge booking? If that’s the case, you’ll be relieved to know that Travelodge offers you to cancel your tickets up until the day of departure. However, if getting a refund is a priority, that has quite some criteria.

Travelodge cancellation policy is only in action if the customer cancels the entire booking before midday on your scheduled arrival date; they may secure a full refund on all of their bookings.

However, you must know that refund is only possible on refundable bookings if canceled. By going to the Manage My Booking section, you can cancel your bookings independently.

Let’s get into the details of the Travelodge cancellation policy.

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Is Cancellation Possible at Travelodge?

Is Cancellation Possible at Travelodge

Yes, you can cancel any Travelodge bookings entirely before midday on your scheduled arrival date. If you do not cancel before noon, you must pay a cancellation charge. 

Also, do you know that Flexible Rate bookings are flexible and refundable?

If you’ve already checked in, you can cut your stay short by canceling one or more remaining nights of your entire reservation by informing the hotel by 12 pm on the first day.

Cancellation Eligibility of Travelodge

  • You can cancel your bookings before noon of your scheduled date of arrival.
  •  You can cancel an overall Group Booking by informing Travelodge of our website up to 28 days before your expected arrival date.
  • If you cancel your reservation before check-in following these terms, they will usually credit your account within ten days.
  • If you cut your trip by all these terms, they will generally credit refunds in 10 days from the original booking date.

Is Refund Possible at Travelodge?

Is Refund Possible at Travelodge

Yes, a refund is possible at Travelodge. However, you need to maintain some criteria to get a full refund. According to the cancellation policy, you can get the full money back if you cancel during the free cancellation period before noon of the scheduled date.

Refund Eligibility of Travelodge

  • Travelodge refund policy is only applicable when the traveler cancels their booking within the cancellation period. If done before 12 pm on the planned date, you may be able to secure a 100% refund on all of their orders.
  • They will refund you the sum you paid for any canceled stays except any food and beverage options; all other add ons are non-refundable, minus any booking fees. 
  • Saver Rate bookings are non-refundable in whole or in part because they are at a discount price.
  • After completing the refund form, you will receive your refund within 7 to 14 working days. It’s worth noting, however, that refunds are only offered on refundable reservations.
  • Your 10% payment is non-refundable; however, they will refund any extra funds you have given, including any meal and beverage options; all other additional services are non-refundable, except any booking costs.
  • They will not issue a refund on the room(s), any additional paid with the booking, or any booking charge if you terminate a Group Booking 28 days or less before your planned arrival date.
  • If you have paid in advance for your reservation for multiple nights, you may request a refund for all nights other than the first night by notifying the Customer Service team.
  • They will only provide 100% refunds and the payment method you used to make the booking if a refund is due under such terms.

Travelodge Cancellation Fee:

Travelodge offers a free cancellation charge if only canceled before noon on the scheduled date. 

How to Cancel Your Travelodge Booking?

You can easily cancel your bookings from the Travelodge website. To initiate a cancellation, you must follow these steps: 

  • Step 2: Log in with your ticket reference number.
  • Step 3: Find your booking from the Booking section.
  • Step 4: Cancel your booking.
  • Step 5: Submit a refund request.

Summary Table

Service ProviderTravelodge
Is Cancellation Possible?Yes
Cancellation ModeOnline 
Travelodge Cancellation EligibilityBefore midday on the date of arrival
Travelodge Refund Eligibility100% refund is initiated if canceled before 12 pm on the date of arrival
Cancellation ChargesCharges are charged if not canceled before 12 pm on the date of arrival

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