Hoseasons Cancellation Policy

  • Hoseasons offers a cancellation policy.
  • Hoseasons also gives a refund option.
  • But you must pay a cancellation fee to cancel your booking.

Hoseasons is well-known for its variety of holiday parks, cottages, and boating resorts. Apart from the UK and Europe, Hoseasons has stretched its limits outside the country and globally. People can also enjoy Hoseasons properties in Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, and Austria. 

Are you thinking about canceling your Hoseasons bookings or package? If that’s the situation, you must be curious about the Hoseasons cancellation and refund policy, right? Yes, you have landed the correct page!

Therefore, Hoseasons offers a cancellation policy to cancel your holiday package and bookings. However, you must pay some cancellation charges. About the refund, you may or may not secure the refund. 

Let’s discuss the Hoseasons cancellation policy in detail.

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Is Cancellation Possible at Hoseasons?

Is Cancellation Possible at Hoseasons

Yes, cancellation is possible at Hoseasons. Hoseasons will only be able to handle your cancellation if you call them at the phone number listed on your flight booking. You can also cancel your subscription through your internet portal. The cancellation process will begin only after it has been received.

Cancellation Eligibility of Hoseasons

Hoseasons offers you a cancellation policy for your package at any time before the departure. Although the cancellation depends on specific factors-

The following is a chart showing Hoseasons cancellation fees based on the cancellation notice period:

Time period prior to departure within the notice of cancellation must be receivedCancellation charges
70 days or moreFull deposit
57-70 days50% of total cost 
43-56 days 60% of total cost 
29-42 days75% of total cost 
8-28 days90% of total cost 
7 days or less95% of total cost 

Is Refund Possible at Hoseasons?

Is Refund Possible at Hoseasons

Yes, a refund is possible at Hoseasons. You can cancel your booking, in that case, they will refund you all amounts you have paid. 

Refund Eligibility of Hoseasons

You will be charged a cancellation fee depending on the number of days you give them notice before your arrival date at the property.

This implies that if you have paid the rest of your holiday fee and then need or want to cancel, you may be eligible for a partial refund. You may be required to make an additional payment to cover the cancellation cost if you have not paid your entire booking cost, including the premiums for any insurance, by the time of your cancellation.

If you cancel, they will not return any insurance premiums, credit card charges, or administration fees that you have already paid.

Cancellation Fees of Hoseasons

They made it clear that you would have to pay cancellation fees based on the number of days before your arrival.

However, it is stated that no refunds will be given within 20 days of the beginning of the package travel plans, and additional expenses will be paid. Both hotel and package travel have the same cancellation fees.

How Do I Cancel My Bookings at Hoseasons?

Step 1: To login into the ‘View Your Booking‘ section, you’ll need your booking code number, as well as the surname and birth date of the main traveler.

Step 2: You must now terminate your package or booking by selecting ‘Cancel Booking’ from the option. It will offer you all of the information you need to know about the refund and money deducted.

Step 3: If you pay the cancellation charge, you will be able to cancel your reservation.


Service ProviderHoseasons 
Is Cancellation Possible?Yes
Cancellation ModeOnline
Hoseasons Cancellation EligibilityUnder any situations prior to arrival at the hotel/resport
Refund EligibilityCancellations within a free-cancellation period only with hotels listed for free cancellation
Cancellation ChargesThe hotel charges cancellation fees

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