Jet2holidays Cancellation Policy

  • Yes, Jet2holidays offers a cancellation policy under certain conditions.
  • They also offer a refund policy.
  • You must fulfill certain criteria to get a refund.

Are you thinking about canceling your Jet2holiday package? If that’s the case, you must be curious about the Jet2holidays cancellation and refund policy? Yes, you have landed on the correct page!

Jet2holidays offers a cancellation policy to cancel your holiday package. However, you must pay some cancellation charges. About the refund, you may or may not secure the refund. 

Let’s discuss the Jet2holidays cancellation policy in detail.

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Is Cancellation Possible at Jet2holidays?

Is Refund Possible at Jet2holidays

Yes, cancellation is possible at Jet2holidays. You can cancel your package as long as you pay the cancellation fee. You must know that any holiday package canceled on or within 14 days of departure is non-refundable. In that scenario, you may lose all your booking deposits. 

Cancellation Eligibility of Jet2holidays

Jet2holidays offers you a cancellation policy for your package at any time before the departure. Although the cancellation depends on specific factors-

  • If you cancel, you must pay a cancellation fee.
  • £60 per person deposits paid during booking are always non-refundable.
  • Any cancellation within the 14 days before departure schedule must be non-refundable.


Any flights you book via Jet2holidays are non-refundable. If you can’t make your trip, you won’t get the money refunded for your flights. However, you can change any of your flight dates to 5 hours before your flight leaves.

Holiday Package:

You will be able to cancel your holiday packages always ordered via Jet2holidays as long as you pay the cancellation charges. The cancellation fees for Jet2holidays parcels differ depending on how far in advance of departure the cancellation notification is sent.

Yet, you can always call their customer support line at 0333 300 0702 to talk about the situation. You may be able to collect these costs if your travel insurance covers the cause for your termination.

The following is a chart showing Jet2holidays cancellation fees based on the cancellation notice period:

Time period prior to departure within the notice of cancellation must be received% of total booking fee collected by Jet2 Holidays
70 days or moreLoss of deposit
69-57 days30% (if greater than the deposit)
56-43 days50%
42-29 days70%
28-15 days90%
14 days or less100%

Is Refund Possible at Jet2holidays?

Yes, a refund is possible at Jet2holidays.

Is Cancellation Possible at Jet2holidays

Refund Eligibility of Jet2holidays

You will receive a full refund on the ticket if you cancel your holiday package within 24 hours of booking. After 24 hours, based on the ticket category and time left for travel, jet2holidays will impose cancellation fees. 

Also, the refund process will be completed within 14 days.

Cancellation Fees of Jet2holidays

Yes, Jet2holidays charges a cancellation fee when you cancel your holiday package.

The cancellation fees are determined when the Jet2holiday headquarters get the cancellation notification. The usual deposit loss is £60 per adult, plus Jet2holidays charge the booking cost.

How Do I Cancel My Flight at Jet2holidays?

Step 1: To login into the ‘Manage My Booking’ section, you’ll need your booking code number, as well as the surname and birth date of the main traveler.

Step 2: You must now terminate your package by selecting ‘Cancel Booking’ from the option. It will offer you all of the information you need to know about the refund and money deducted. Remember that you will only pay your deposit (£60 per person) if you cancel your trip 70 days or more before travel.

Step 3: If you pay the cancellation charge, you will be able to cancel your reservation.


Service ProviderJet2holidays
Is Cancellation Possible?Yes
Cancellation ModeOnline via Manage My Booking Via phone: Call 0333 300 0702Or, written notification from the leading passenger
Cancellation EligibilityIt can be canceled anytime before the departure 
Refund EligibilityFlights: Non-refundableHoliday Package: Depends on the notice period before the departure
Cancellation ChargesStandard loss of deposit of £60 per person + loss of booking cost

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