On The Beach Cancellation Policy

  • Yes, On The Beach offers you a cancellation policy
  • Also, On The Beach provides a refund policy
  • To claim a refund, you must fulfill some criteria

Have you reserved an On The Beach vacation that you’d like to cancel? If that’s the case, you’ll be delighted to learn that On The Beach allows you to cancel your booking before departure. However, if you’re worried about getting a refund in this scenario, your chances are slim.

If you deposit a cancellation charge, you can cancel any On The Beach booking. However, some parts of your package may be unable to be canceled, and as a result, no refund will be granted. By going to the Manage My Booking section, you can cancel your vacation on your own.

Let’s get into the details of the On The Beach cancellation policy.

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Is Cancellation Possible at On The Beach?

Is Cancellation Possible at On The Beach

Yes, you can cancel your On The Beach trip at any moment before your trip. You must, however, pay the cancellation charge.

Canceling can lead to loss of the deposit. However, they may or may not refund you the amount. So think twice before canceling your booking.

On The Beach Cancellation Eligibility

Cancellations made within 28 days of the scheduled departure will result in the loss of the money.

If you cancel less than 28 days before your vacation, you will be charged £30.00 per person, with a maximum of £150 in administration fees on top of the providers’ costs.

Is Refund Possible at On The Beach?

Yes, a refund is possible at On The Beach. But to get a refund, you have some requirements to fulfill.

Refund Eligibility at On The Beach

Refund Eligibility at On The Beach
  • On the Beach offers hotel and transfer refunds to guests.
  • Unfortunately, most airline flights are non-refundable; thus, they would be unable to refund you for any portion of the ticket cost in the event of a cancellation. This means that regardless of when you placed your order with them, whether it was 5 minutes ago or five months ago, you will be responsible for the total price of your flight ticket.
  • In the case of a cancellation, they make every effort to reclaim as much of the money as possible for their guests. Sadly, this is dependent on the policies of individual hotels and providers, and they do not always have authority over it.
  • They will return your money in whole and cash within 14 days of your cancellation.

On The Beach Cancellation Fee

If you cancel within 28 days of your vacation, On The Beach will impose a £150.00 administration fee on you in addition to the provider’s expenses.

How to Cancel an On-The Beach Booking?

  • Step 1: To login into the Manage My Booking section, you’ll need your ticket and booking reference number and the name of the leading passenger.
  • Step 2: Fill out the details on Manage My Booking and get in.
  • Step 3: Now, you must use the same site to make a cancellation fee. The details of refundable and non-refundable services will next be displayed. It will also show any additional cancellation fees associated with your cancellation.
  • Step 4: If you’re sure you’ll cancel your reservation, cover the difference between your deposit and the cancellation fees. The remainder of your payment will be returned.

Summary Table

On The Beach 
Service ProviderOn The Beach 
Is Cancellation Possible?Yes
Cancellation ModeOnline via Manage My Booking
On The Beach Cancellation EligibilityIt can be canceled anytime prior to the departure 
Cancellation Charges£150.00 administration fee 

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