Vodafone Returns

  • 14 days guaranteed return.
  • Equipment must be in a new condition.
  • The device must be fully functional.

Vodafone is a multinational telecommunication group that is based in Britain. The company’s global headquarters is situated in Newbury, Berkshire, England. Its services are spread across Asia, Europe, Oceania, and Africa. The company operates in 22 different countries. 

Like all other telecommunication brands, Vodafone has also kept a return policy for its customers. The return policy of Vodafone provides information about how the return process works and the refund methodology post cancellation of an item.

The below-mentioned article gives enough information about the return policy of Vodafone. Customers can also get information about the refund process after cancellation.

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What is Vodafone’s return policy?

What is Vodafone's return policy

The return policy of Vodafone gives a buffer time of 14 days for its customers to return any product or accessory purchased from the company. Charges might be applicable on the order unless you cancel the purchased item within 14 days. 

The 14 day return policy is not applicable in some cases:

Case.Solution to the problem.
Business customer.Speak to Prime contact or Account manager for details.
Unsealed software or digital product.Contact the company for device check.
Device ordered from another company.Contact the company for more details.
Installation service.It is on account of the customer.

Customers need to return the package in accurate condition while returning. Make sure to keep the proof of purchase and visit the nearest store for returning the item. A broadband router purchased from Vodafone is non returnable item. 

Time span for returning an item.Is the product returnable?
Within 14 days from purchase.Yes.
After 14 days.No.

Refund Eligibility:

All the equipment you chose to return must be in a new condition. You must also return the promotional or any free order you received along with the item. Vodafone accepts fair wear and tear if the item is returned within the first 14 days of purchase. 

New condition means:

  • The device must be in complete working condition.
  • There must be no cracks, chips or visible signs on the item. 

If customers cancel any service within 14 days due to a change of mind, any promotions added to the package will be dismissed. Moreover, the standard postage cost of any equipment will be refunded to your account. 

If the device turns out to be cracked or damaged, customers might be charged up to 80% of the initial cost ( depending on the charge rates of Vodafone ). 

Type of problem.Solution.
Found faulty ( within 30 days )Repaired, Replaced or returned.
Found faulty ( after 30 days )Repaired. ( Charges will be informed beforehand ).

How to return Vodafone Products?

How to return Vodafone Products

For returning an item purchased from Vodafone, you need to carry your equipment to the nearest Vodafone store. Make sure to have the proof of purchase along with the equipment. The retailers of the Vodafone store will help you.

Vodafone has kept an alternate option as well. Customers will be sent an envelope after 2-5 days of contacting the store. Put all the equipment inside the prepaid envelope and return it to Vodafone. Make sure that the items are sealed and boxed correctly. 

If customers choose to return an item via post, an administration fee of 8.50 euros will be charged to the customer’s account. 

The following are the contact details for returning specific items:

  • Mobile equipment return: Contact Vodafone on 03333 040 191
  • Broadband return: Contact Vodafone on 08080 034 515
  • Accessories return: Take the accessory to the nearest local store from where you have purchased.
  • Accessories return ( get-go fone ): Visit the official get-go fone website and contact the customer support team.

Summary Table:

Name of the Company.Vodafone.
Is return allowed?Yes.
Mode of return.Offline.
Time available for return.14 days.
Any postal charges?Yes. For returns via post. 

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