Skinny Dip Return Policy

  • Skinny Dip return service is free for UK residents.
  • It usually takes 5 days to get your refund after Skinny Dip accepts your refund request.
  • You need to return your product within 30 days of receipt.

Skinny Dip is a London-based e-commerce company that was founded in 2011. The company creates fashionable and cool-looking clothes for girls. 

Their in-house designing team makes sure that they are following current fashion trends in the industry. Skinny Dip also sells phone covers, bags, accessories, and many more items.

Skinny Dip has got a straightforward return and refund policy in place. As it deals with thousands of customers daily, be it local or international, returns and refunds are pretty standard for them. 

So let’s have a look at Skinny Dip Return and Refund Policy. 

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What is Skinny Dip’s return policy?

What is Skinny Dip's return policy

Skinny Dip’s return policy clarifies in which condition refund is possible and in which condition it is not. London Dip doesn’t charge any fees when you return their product to them.

If you want to return an unwanted or faulty product, you need to send it back within thirty days of receipt in its original condition. It should be undamaged and unworn with all tags and security tape intact. The product box should be sealed as well.

In case you open your product or remove any hygienic seal from the product, you will not be able to return it at all. London Dip will reject your return request and notify you by mail.

Let’s have a look at some crucial points regarding the Skinny Dip return policy,

  1. You can also return your gift to Skinny Dip. You need to contact the person who gifted you the product to do so. Just ask them to initiate the return process. Customer service will provide a free post return code to that person.
  2. You can also return items purchased with a gift card. Your refund will be provided on the gift card only.
  3. In case the item has been personalized, it cannot be returned.
  4. In case you forget to include a return note with your package, contact customer support so that they can keep track of your product in the warehouse.

Return Methodology

Let’s see how you can return your product to Skinny Dip. Remember that you can return your product within 30 days of the receipt only.

1. UK Return

Online Return

Skinny Label includes a return address label with all of its orders. It’s attacked in the bottom right corner of your invoice. You need to attach this return label with your parcel and fill out your return note. Then seal your package.

Once your parcel is prepared, you can return it using any Freepost service at your local post office. Always keep the proof of postage with you until you receive the refund.

For UK return, it can take up to 14 days for your parcel to reach the London Dip warehouse.

Returning to Store

You can take your parcel to any Skinny Dip store and submit your package there. There will be no charge. Just bring your return slip with you. You need to fill some relevant boxes too. 

 2. International Returns

If you are outside UK and want to return your product, then remember that the return service is free for UK residents only. You need to post your parcel back to Skinny Dip on your dime. 

Always choose the cheapest service available for returning your product. You can include the return label if you want. You can always contact the customer service team if you require them to email you the return note.

For international returns, the parcel can take 21 days to reach the Skinny Dip warehouse. Always keep the postage receipt with you until you get the refund.

What is Skinny Dip’s Refund Policy?

What is Skinny Dip’s Refund Policy

The Skinny Dip refund policy is quite clear. There are a few points which you should know about the Skinny Dip refund policy. 

  1. In the case of a UK return, it will take approx five days to get your refund amount back when Skinny Dip accepts your return back.
  2. In the case of an International return, it will take 5 to 10 days approx.
  3. If your entire item lot is damaged and faulty, only the postage cost will be refunded.
  4. You will not get any refund if the item you have purchased is on sale now.

Refund Eligibility.

Reason for RefundWill you get a Refund?
Your products are faulty Yes
Products are of the wrong sizeYes
Wrong products deliveredYes
If product hygienic seal is brokenNo
If you return your product after Thirty days of receiptNo
If you return your product within Thirty days of receiptYes

Summary Table

Skinny Dip
Company NameSkinny Dip
Is return possibleYes
In which case a full refund is possibleIn case you return back your product within 30 days of receipt
Return ModeOnline or through Store
Return chargeOnly for International return
Is your delivery refundableIn some cases

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