Belstaff Refund Policy (Step by Step Guidelines)

  • 30 Days Guaranteed Return.
  • No refund of customised products unless faulty.
  • Refund to original payment mode within 14 days.
  • Goods to be returned with security tag.

Belstaff is a famous clothing brand inherited by a popular chemical company of the United Kingdom known as Ineos. Belstaff was the first company that used wax cotton to make waterproof appeals used for motorcycling.

Like all other popular clothing brands, Belstaff has also designed a refund policy for its company. It has been created because of their proud customers who tend to inquire about the Refund process after cancelling their product. 

This article gives us knowledge about the Refund policy of the Belstaff clothing brand and checks how the customers receive their refund on cancellation. 

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What is Belstaff’s Refund Policy?

Belstaff Refund Policy

Belstaff’s Return policy tells us that there is a limited time of 30 days within which you need to return the product according to your wish. No returns will be accepted if the security tag and the labellings are missing. 

No. days available to return the product.Possibility of return.
Before 30 days from purchase.Return accepted. A refund will be made based on the refund policy. 
After 30 days from purchase. No return of the product will be entertained. 

Make sure to keep the courier cancellation receipt. If any product is lost or stolen before it reaches the company, Belstaff will not be responsible. Acceptance of personalised or customised goods is not entertained unless they are faulty. 

Refunds are initiated within 14 days after receiving the returned goods. The delivery cost of the product will not be refunded until the product is found to be faulty. All the refunds initiated are processed through the banks and are refunded to the original mode of the payment process. 

Refund Eligibility:-

Reason of ReturnIs Refund available?
Faulty Product. In case of a faulty product, a full refund is initiated. 
Non-returnable product.Not entertained unless the product is faulty. 

Once your product has been returned, Belstaff will begin the refund process, and it will be notified to you through an email confirmation. Refunds might take up to 5-10 days from the date of issuing the refund. If it takes more time, you must contact your bank to check the status. 

How to return Belstaff’s Product?

What is Belstaff’s Refund Policy

To return the product purchased from Belstaff, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Log in to the website through your id.
  • Visit the RETURN PORTAL by clicking on “Start your Return”.
  • Enter your order ID.
  • Select the product you chose to return.
  • Chose the method of return. (You will get an option to select your nearest drop off location).
  • Take your return from the nearest drop location that you choose.

Summary Table:

Name of the company.Belstaff
Is return feasible?Yes. 
Mode of Return.Online.
No. of days before you need to return the product.30 days.
Time taken by the company to initiate a refund.14 days. 
Any charges required for returning the product?No.

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