Weird Fish Returns

  • 180 days guaranteed return.
  • Proof of purchase required.
  • Mandatory Return postage cost for non-UK customers.

Weird Fish is an accessories retailer and a lifestyle clothing brand based in the United Kingdom. The company was founded in 1993. 

Weird Fish has 15 stores around the UK with more than 450 stockists. The company shifted their offices to Cheltenham, Tewkesbury in the year 2018.

With all other clothing brands in line, Weird Fish has also designed a return policy for their customers. The return policy is created in view of the customers who wish to inquire about the refund process after cancelling an item. 

This article has been written to give brief details about the company’s return process and how the refund methodology works upon the cancellation of any item purchased from Weird Fish. 

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What is Weird Fish’s Return Policy?

What is Weird Fish's Return Policy

If you wish to change your mind after purchasing an item, Weird Fish provides you with 180 days to return a product and claim a full refund. Any extra shipping or postage cost for the Non-UK residents will be on account of the customers. 

Time available for return.Return Eligibility.
180 days from purchase.Full refund.
After 180 days.Refund. ( Depending on terms and conditions ).

If any product turns out to be faulty, customers are given a time of 12 months, within which they will have to return the item. If the product is brought from any retailer, it is advised to communicate with the retailer as soon as the fault occurs.

Items not purchased from the Weird Fish store or website must be returned to the original store. All orders come with a delivery note. For returning an item, you need to fill out the return form and stick the postage label for claiming free return. 

If you do not have the return form, contact customer service and claim your return form for returning an item. Ensure to have the proof of purchase until the product is returned to the company. 

Refund Eligibility

Mode of return.Return criteria.
Online.Must be returned along with the return form filled.
Offline.Carry a proof of purchase while returning an item.

If you purchase an item from any of the 16 stores of Weird Fish, you can wait for returning them at the warehouse. Make sure to keep proof of purchase and product information. Without these, offline returns are not accepted.

For online purchases, the product comes with a delivery note. Fill up the return form and place the request for return. 

All the items must be in original condition. Garments should not be worn or washed before returning. 

How to return Weird Fish’s Product?

How to return Weird Fish’s Product

To return a product purchased from Weird fish, you must follow the following steps:

  • You need to choose a return reason code and state the reason for the return.
  • For availing a refund, you need to fill up one side of the form.
  • The return postage label attached to your form must be peeled off and stuck to the package while returning. 
  • The label contains a Royal Mail Free Postage Stamp for UK customers. They can avail a free return.
  • The Non-UK customers can use the label but need to bear the postage cost. 

Ensure to return the package with all the tags and labels mentioned, as it was in the original condition. 

Sum Up Table

Weird Fish.
Name of the company.Weird Fish.
Is return allowed?Yes.
Mode of Return.Online and Offline.
Span allowed for return.180 days.
Postage cost required?Yes. For Non-UK residents only.
Any other extra payments?No.

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