Modanisa Returns

  • 60 days guaranteed return.
  • Items must be in original condition. 
  • Personal care products are non-returnable.

Modanisa was launched on the occasion of Mother’s Day in 2011. The dream and vision of the company were to deliver clothes to women that fit the age and the time they live in. Modanisa is a Turkish brand having customers spread across 140 countries.

The company has collaborated with more than 650 brands and sells its products. Modanisa also has a return policy for their customers, and it describes how the returns are made and the processes involved in the refund process after cancelling any product.

Let us dive into the article to know more about the return and refund policy of Modanisa. 

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What is Modanisa’s Return Policy?

What is Modanisa's Return Policy

The return policy of Modanisa has some criteria that the customers must follow for returning an item. The list of criteria are listed below:

  • If You wish to change your mind after purchasing their product and are willing to return them, you must do so within 60 days from purchase.
  • Products must be original, with labels attached and unused for return.
  • Any personal care products like swimwear, bikinis and others cannot be returned due to hygiene issues.

Return of any promotional or gift items shall differ depending on specific campaigns:

  • If the campaign conditions are met after returning any product, the campaign will not be cancelled.
  • If the remaining items in any cart do not satisfy the campaign’s criteria after cancellation, the campaign will be cancelled. The discounted cost will be deducted from the total refunded price of the product.

Any sort of service fee is non-refundable.

Refund Eligibility

Type of ProductRefund Eligibility
Swimwear and Bikini.Not Returnable.
Masks.Non-Returnable due to hygiene issues.
Personal care products.Non-Returnable.
Products with labels and tags.Returnable.(Must be in original looking condition).
Unused and unworn products.Returnable.

If the products do not satisfy the hygiene criteria, they shall not be eligible for any return. All the refunds will be made through the original mode of payment, and Modanisa might take up to 14 days after the return to refund the amount back to the customer’s account. 

How to return Modanisa’s Products?

How to return Modanisa's Products

Below is a table that states the return process from different locations. 

Place of Return.Return Procedures. 
United Kingdom.Fill up the return form and print the label generated. Place the printed label on top of the return package to make the address and barcode visible. Returns can be made through any postal service of your choice. The shipping cost is in the account of the customer. To prevent delays in the Refund process, keep a note of the shipping company and tracking order. Returns can be made to any local warehouse of Modanisa in the UK.
Turkey.Fill out the return form in the receipt. Return the purchase with the receipt and delivery package. You can avail Yurtici Cargo for free returns. Yurtici Return Code: 9023433A confirmation SMS is sent after the arrival of the package. The return procedure is completed within 14 days.
Other Countries.Fill up the return form and print it. Place the printed document above the package to make the barcode visible. Send the package to the local postage service. ( Shipping charges on account of the customer ). Ensure that you carry the tracking number in order to face hassle-free returns. Refunds are processed after the return is received by Modanisa.

These are the processes that you must follow to return any item from the United Kingdom, Turkey, or from any other part of the globe. Do not choose FedEx returns to prevent problems at customs. 

Sum Up Table

Name of the company.Modanisa
Return allowed?Yes.
Mode of Return.Online.
Time available for return?60 days from purchase.
Shipping charges.Non-Refundable.

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