Loganair Cancellation Policy (Guide)

  • Loganair provides you full refund in a few cases. 
  • Loganair follows the 24-hour cancellation rule.
  • You are eligible for compensation in case your flight is delayed.

Loganair is a British regional airline. This airline is based in Glasgow in Scotland. It is the biggest regional airline in the UK based on passengers and fleet size.

Like any other airline, Loganair has a policy that deals with cancellation and refund requests. Due to some urgent work and emergency, we often need to cancel our tickets. So we need to know whether we will get a refund or not. 

In this article, we will discuss Loganair’s cancellation and refund policy. 

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What is the Logan Air Cancellation policy?

What is the Logan Air Cancellation policy

You will get a full refund when you cancel your Loganair ticket in some cases. However, we should know that Loganair is not as lenient as other big airlines. Loganair is a regional airline and not an international one. So its refund policy is somewhat strict.

But in a few cases, you will get a full refund when you apply. However, in most cases, you will not get a refund as it’s a low-cost carrier airline.

However, you can get compensation up to $700 due to delay or flight cancellation by Loganair.

Let’s have a look at Loganair’s cancellation eligibility.

Cancellation Eligibility

Loganair’s cancellation policy is very conservative when canceling the ticket. Due to its low-cost model, the airline doesn’t entertain any cancellation request until and unless it’s within a 24-hour grace period.

Loganair fares or tickets cannot be canceled. No matter which ticket you have, you cannot cancel it.

If you cancel your ticket, Loganair will assume the whole ticket amount as a cancellation fee and cut it. You will not get anything after canceling the ticket.

This policy will apply to every case, no matter which ticket you have. Due to Loganair’s business model, cancellation is impossible unless done in the 24 hour window. Or in the case where the airline cancels the flight.

What Is Loganair Refund Policy?

What Is Loganair Refund Policy

Let’s discuss the Loganair refund policy in the below-mentioned points.

  1. If you cancel your Loganair ticket within 24 hours of booking, you are eligible for a full refund.
  2. In case you missed that 24 hours window, then Loganair will not provide you any refund at all. It will deduct your ticket fare as the cancellation penalty.
  3. Each type of Loganair ticket is non-refundable. You would not get any refund on any ticket if you didn’t cancel it within 24 hours.
  4. Passengers are eligible for a full refund in case Loganair cancels their flight.
  5. Passengers are eligible for a full refund if Loganair changes the flight schedule. The fare is also refunded if the airline changes the flight schedule, and the schedule change is >5 hours, or >2 hours if passenger is travelling on a same day return. In both of these cases of rescheduling, Loganair will fully refund you. 
  6. In case of an extraordinary event, you can apply for a refund with Loganair.

Refund Eligibility.

Reason for RefundWill you get a Refund?
Ticket canceled within 24 hours of bookingYes
In case you missed the 24-hour cancellation windowNo
Missed the flightNo
In case you have a higher class ticketNo
In case airline cancels your reservation Yes
In case you are denied boardingYes

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How to cancel Loganair Ticket?

To cancel your Loganair booking, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Go to the Loganair website and head towards the manage booking section. 

     2. Enter your booking reference and surname.

     3. Go to Loganair cancel reservation link.

     4. Select the Loganair flight which you want to cancel.

     5. Confirm the selection and press confirm to cancel your ticket.

     6. Soon you will receive a confirmation mail regarding your flight cancellation.

     7. You can check the “Travel Funds” section if you want to know about your refund progress.

      8. If you wish to cancel your booking by phone, dial +1-844-673-0381. Speak with a Loganair representative to cancel your flight.  

      9. Please provide them with the flight confirmation number, passenger details, and flight detail. They will cancel the flight for you.

Summary Table

Company NameLoganair
Is cancellation possible?Yes, in few cases only
In which case is a full refund possible?Only in 24-hour booking period and if airline cancels your flight
Cancellation modeOnline and Via phone
Cancellation chargeWhole ticket amount
Is your cancellation fee is refundableNo

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