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Do you know that have everything under their roof, from luxurious houses and mansions in Great Britain to peaceful country cottages and old houses? They match cottage owners with clients and assist them in finding the ideal vacation rental.

It also provides other transportation services, hotels, and events. is known for its excellent service, with over 1.3 million clients., unlike most other tourism services, has lower cancellation fees and reasonably priced rooms.

Every vacation includes the risk of not arriving at the preferred destination. The cancellation policy enters the picture at this point. To learn more about’s cancellation policies, keep scrolling.

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Is Cancellation Possible At

Cancellation Eligibility Of

Yes, cancellation is possible at 

You must call’s customer service number as soon as possible if you want to make adjustments to your bookings, such as changing the weeks, the number of visitors, or anything else. 

It may be difficult to make alterations, and they may have to cancel the original booking in addition to making the new one. The booking will, after that, be considered a cancellation. You will be responsible for the cancellation fees based on your scheduling.

Cancellation Eligibility Of

You must contact or utilise the website to cancel your complete reservations. The cancellation fees are calculated based on time and how far in advance you cancelled the expected arrival.

If you haven’t paid the required deposits or insurance payments, you will be required to do so while cancelling the reservation. You must know that Total cost = total lodging cost + additional goods + (insurance premiums, reservation charges, credit card charges and administration fees).

As a result, if you cancel, you will receive everything but the full fee. The total pay is the cost paid by the local agent towards the reservation if you booked through a local agent. It contains all aspects of the total price and any fees the local agency charges.

Is Refund At Possible?

Refund Eligibility Of Cottages

Yes, you can get a full refund at

Refund Eligibility Of

If you choose to cut your vacation short, there are no returns. Refunds are possible for valid reasons if there have been governmental regulations or other external circumstances.

If you cancel, we will not refund any insurance costs, booking charges, credit card charges, or administration charges that you have already paid.

Until your booking is made per individual, partial cancellations, such as any person or people wanting to cancel in the group, will not affect the overall cost. As a result, all per-person bookings will be subject to cancellation fees.

The number of days prior you cancel your vacationCancellation Fee (Plus all the booking fees, any administration or insurance premiums fees you need to pay)
More than 70 daysMore than 84 days (properties booked for 10 or more)Full deposit ( including any balance of the deposit due)
57 to 70 days57 to 84 days ( bookings made for 10 people)50 % of the total cost or complete deposit (including any balance deposit due), whichever is greater.
43 to 56 days60 % of the total cost
29 to 42 days75 % of the total cost
8 to 28 days90 % of the total cost
7 days or less95 % of the total cost Cancellation Fees

The cancellation fees are calculated based on the time period and how far in advance of the expected arrival you canceled.

How To Cancel Your Booking At

You can easily cancel your bookings or packages from the website. To initiate a cancellation, you must follow these steps: 

  • Step 2: Log in with your ticket reference number.
  • Step 3: Find your booking from the Booking section.
  • Step 4: Cancel your flight.
  • Step 5: Submit a refund request.

Summary Table
Is Cancellation Possible?Yes
Cancellation ModeOnline Cancellation EligibilityTill the time before departure Refund Yes Possible
Cancellation ChargesCharges are charged depending on time, location, and flight

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