Step by Step guide of Blackwell’s Return Policy

  • A refund must be made within 14 days from purchase.
  • Full refund on returned items, including initial postage costs. 
  • Business customers can return 10% of each order within 60 days.
  • A delivery note must accompany returned items. 

Blackwell’s, also known as Blackwell group, is a library service and book retailer from Britain, and it was founded in 1979. Blackwell’s has 18 shops in the United Kingdom, along with an accounts department and a library supply service. 

Like all other book companies across the globe, Blackwell’s have also kept a refund policy for its customers. The policy has been devised given the customers who are willing to know about the refund process on product’s cancellation. 

The article below gives us a brief knowledge about the return procedure and how the refund process will be initiated upon the cancellation of the product. 

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What is Blackwell’s Return Policy?

What is Blackwell’s Return policy

If you wish to change your mind with an order, Blackwell’s gives you 14 days from purchase for returning the order. A full refund is initiated for the returned items and the original postage costs. Any extra postage cost required shall be on account of the customer.

No of days available to return the product.Return Policy.
Return request before 21 days.A full refund ( including postage ). 
Return request after 21 days.Only damaged and wrongly delivered book entertained.

Books must be returned in their original condition. While returning the product, a receipt or delivery note of the copy must be with the customer. Blackwell’s return policy is not meant for perishable items, video recordings or sealed audio. 

Any return must be informed within 14 days of the purchase. Returns after 21 days will be entertained only for the following conditions:

  • The book was found faulty or damaged.
  • The book was supplied incorrectly by the company.

The postage cost is included for all the mentioned conditions. Any other excuses shall not be entertained. 

Refund Eligibility:-

Condition of the Book.Refund based on the condition.
Book found to be faulty or damaged. Replace the product or full refund ( including postage ).
Incorrect supply of Book. Full refund ( including postage costs ).
Book does not meet the requirement of the customer.Only refund the book ( including postage costs ).

For books purchased from the bookstore, customers need to contact the shop for requesting a return and collect a refund. All refunds are initiated once the company accepts the returns, along with a receipt of the product. Business returns are entertained for up to 60 days. Customers must return 10% of their orders. 

Items must be returned to the mentioned address:,
Unit 5,
Glevum Works,

Upton Street

How to return Blackwell’s Product?

How to return Blackwell’s Product

To return a product purchased from Blackwell’s, you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Visit the webpage of Blackwell’s.
  • Login to your account by entering your details. 
  • Raise an email ticket if your ordered item has not been dispatched.
  • In the case of a shipped item, request a return online once the product is delivered. 

A full refund is initiated on returning an ordered item.

Sum up Table

Name of the CompanyBlackwell’s
Is return entertained?Yes.
Mode of returnBoth online and Offline. 
Time allowed for return.14 days from purchase.60 days for business customers. 
Postage cost included?Yes.Extra postage cost on account of customer.
Any extra charges?No.

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