All Beauty Return Policy

  • Sixty days no quibble guaranteed return.
  • Brief letter with name, address and explanation.
  • No return of postage costs.

Every person in this world wishes to look beautiful in their life. To satisfy the customers’ demands, All Beauty is here to deliver the best quality cosmetics and grooming products. The company was formally established as a fragrance retailer that later grew into the best cosmetic retailer in the UK. 

The company has a stock of more than 15000 fragrances with more than 150000 customers across the globe. Like all other cosmetics and beauty products brands, All Beauty has also tossed a return and refund policy for its customers.

The policy defines the essential features and procedures involved while returning an item. Check out the article to know in-depth about the return policy of All Beauty. 

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What is the Return Policy of All Beauty?

What is the Return Policy of All Beauty

All Beauty has designed a specific return policy for its customers, and it contains some rules and regulations that must be followed to comply with the return policy. 

  • All the products are covered under a 60-day guarantee. Thus all the products must be returned within the mentioned period. 
  • Customers must provide their email id, address, explanation for the return, and the returned product.
  • The products must be returned with original wrapping. The original tags and labels must remain attached to the items. 
  • Postage costs for the return items are non-refundable. The customers must pay for it. 
  • All Beauty’s refunds are processed within a few days once it receives the returned products. 
  • Faulty returns are refundable, and the shipping charges are also refundable in such a case. 
  • Any signs of dirt or alteration on the original product are not liable for a return. 

Contact your respective financial provider if you don’t receive a refund even after All Beauty has processed the refund post-cancellation. 

Return Eligibility.

Most of the products available at All Beauty are returnable. But there are some exceptions marked by the company. Let us check out the below-mentioned table to know the non-returnable products. 

Type of ProductReturn Eligibility
Faulty Product.Returnable. Shipping charges are also refundable.
Grooming products with safety hygiene.Non-Returnable. 
Products with original tags and labels missing.Non-Returnable.
Items that have been altered.Non-Returnable.
Product with unsatisfactory quality.Returnable. 

Refunds will be processed only when the returned product has been received at the All Beauty warehouse. No excuses shall be entertained if you cannot follow the terms and conditions of the All Beauty Return Policy. 

How to return All Beauty products?

How to return All Beauty products

The company has kept simple return methods allowing its customers to return All Beauty products from different parts of the globe. The various ways are listed below.

ode of ReturnMethods involved
For Channel Island, Isle of Man and UK customers.Pack the item in its original packing condition. Pick a nearby retailer from the link. Print the return label provided and fix them on the returned item. Book an easy doorstep collection or, customer service drop off or portal service according to your wish.
Hermes Returns.Print the return label of Hermes. Repack the goods in original packing condition with all the tags and labels attached. Send the parcel to Royal Mail or Hermes. They will return the product to All Beauty.

The above-mentioned methods are two different modes of returning All Beauty items. Customers can follow any of the procedures to return their items. 

Sum Up Table

All Beauty
Name of the CompanyAll Beauty
Is return allowed?Yes.
Mode of Return.Online.
Time available for returning an item.60 days from purchase.
Time taken by the company to process refund.A few days.
Shipping charges.Non Refundable.
Any additional charges required?No.

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